Make the switch to Eco friendly cars

Make the switch to Eco friendly cars

With roughly 1 billion cars sold around the world, it is important for every consumer to make conscious efforts to reduce the world’s carbon footprint. An increasing number of car buyers have already invested in "green cars” or “eco-friendly cars” since its breakthrough in the automotive market. While today's car makers continue to break new grounds with electric and hybrid technology. These companies are devoted to cutting fuel use for a more sustainable transport. If you do not own an eco-friendly car yet, consider these practical benefits you can get from using one.

One of the main advantages is the cost savings you can earn from driving an eco-friendly car whether you opt for hybrid or electric type. The former has relatively better gas mileage compared to a conventional fuel powered car while the latter only requires you to recharge its batteries.

Eco-friendly cars are statistically less vulnerable to theft which is the major reason why car insurances come out cheaper. Many states also offer special tax incentives and discounts on parking permits for owners of eco-friendly cars. Moreover, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through its flagship program, the SmartWay Transport supports the marketing of green cars and promotes fuel efficient technologies. EPA recognizes these vehicles that are better environmental performers.

About 60 percent of the country’s oil consumption is imported and because eco-friendly cars consume little to less fuel, this could potentially lead to less dependence of the U.S. on foreign oil sources.

While you enjoy all the economic and technological benefits of owning an eco –friendly car, you also get to express your commitment in preserving the environment by lessening the amount of harmful emissions when driving eco-friendly cars.

Understanding the benefits from switching to green cars and its impact to the economy and the environment can help you decide which type of vehicle to consider on your next car purchase. Whether you are looking for an SUV or a compact car, there will always be a green car out there that fits your preference and lifestyle.

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