Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast has been found to help individuals manage their weight and also help stay focused at school and work. Eating breakfast is so important because it allows us to break our overnight fast and keeps us from overeating at our next meal.  Our first meal of the day does not have to be an elaborate meal, it can be as simple as fresh fruit or cereal with milk or milk alternative. Think of something that is a grab and go item or something you can prepare fairly easy. Ideas may include things such as bagels with cream cheese, a breakfast wrap with eggs and veggies, oatmeal, or even yogurt with fresh fruit. Try to think of eating a variety of foods to make sure you get lots of nutrients. Again, with kidney disease it’s important to know what sort of restrictions you have on your diet. Do you have to monitor your potassium? Do you have to monitor your phosphorus and sodium? Jot down your breakfast ideas and discuss them with your dietitian. This will him your dietitian understand some of the foods you enjoy while trying to keep your labs in balance.

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