Eating Out During the Week: Burgers

Last week, I tried a new burger place called Honolulu Burger--GREAT PLACE!  It's important to know that even when you are on dialysis, you can still enjoy eating out on occasion with your family.  It may be difficult making healthier food choices at your favorite restaurants, but it is possible.

As I was taking a look at the menu, I noticed this restaurant has wonderful food choices you can still enjoy with some modifications.  Remember, it is always important to know that you can eat in moderation in addition to taking your binders (if prescribed).

Here are some ordering tips:

  • Ask the cooks to omit the salt when cooking your burger.  The patties might be pre-salted but it is always good to ask.
  • Choose the Kaiser roll or Taro roll.  These rolls are lower in phosphorus than your whole wheat roll and not too bad in sodium/potassium.
  • You may want to skip on the dressings just so that you can reduce the amount of sodium you are consuming.  They automatically put their own sauce on the burger, so may be ask for the dressing on the side?
  • Add toppings such as: Jalapenos, mushrooms or pineapple salsa.  Those jalapenos might be spicy--be careful with the fluids
  • Order a side salad instead of french fries.  Remember, french fries are higher in potassium.

Hope this is helpful!  If you have any questions on healthier food options at different restaurants, please feel free to contact me via the blog question form above.


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