Exercising and Your Health

Exercise is an important factor to manage or prevent diabetes. While this can be difficult to fit into your day, there are simply activities that you can perform for a little exercise. Our year round perfect weather in Hawaii is awesome for some exercise every day. Walking on the beach, in a park, or in a mall are good locations to start. Finding a friend and motivating each other is good way to make exercise a habit. It is important to think about your age, physical state, and ability when determining the type of exercise. If you are not comfortable with exercising, you can slowly work into it with a 15 minute walk for a couple days a week and slowly increase the duration and amount of exercise. Your hard work can return the favor to you overall. Exercising can increase your overall energy and help you manage and control your blood sugar. When you are active on a regular basis your A1C will be lower, a lower A1C means you have better control to keep your blood sugar low. You should check your blood sugar levels 30 minutes before exercise to ensure it is safe. Between 100 mg/mL and 250 mg/mL are considered the safest area for exercise.


How often do you fit exercise into your week?

Where do you like to exercise?

Who do you like to work out with?

What are your favorite ways to exercise?




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