The importance of fiber in our diets is often looked over when talking about nutrients. There are two types of fiber and they both help us in different ways. Foods that have insoluble fiber are whole wheats, brown rice, skins of fruits, and some seeds. This type of fiber helps maintain a healthy digestive track and regularize bowel movements. Soluble fiber is found in foods like nuts, oatmeal, apples, bananas, and beans to list a few. Think of soluble fiber like oatmeal, after mixing with water it becomes thicker and sticky. This is important to understand as the same basic principle happens in our digestive track. Fiber can help maintain blood sugar levels because it aids in a slow release of the sugar from our digestive track. Cholesterol can also be controlled by soluble fiber. Cholesterol in the digestive tract binds to the fiber strands which prevents the absorption. Aim for 20-35 grams of fiber daily. Fiber is important nutrient in our diet that has many benefits in maintaining our overall health. Stay tuned for the next blog where we will discuss different healthy ways to add fiber into your day!


How do you get enough fiber in your day?

Which foods do you eat that give you fiber?

What types of fiber do you consume with breakfast?

Where do you find most of the fiber in your diet?


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