Healthier Holidays for Those with CKD

The Holidays are here and they bring much of the ohh-so-ONO food we been waiting for all year! But in order to enjoy the food and holiday traditions with family for many more years to come we have to be mindful of our health today. So here are some helpful tips to keep in mind if you have chronic kidney disease. Remember to keep in mind the restrictions that your doctor or dietitian has spoken to you about: sodium, potassium, protein, phosphorus, fluids and to take your binders. Try to make healthier modifications to old recipes or new recipes, keep portion control, eat lean proteins and stay away from gravies. Make sure you talk to your family and friends about your dietary restrictions so that they can help you make adjustments in some meal options. This will help you plan ahead and have better options to choose from when you are at your parties/gatherings/outings. Remember, the faster you eat - more than likely you will eat more so take you time and enjoy your company, enjoy the conversation but most of all enjoy your food and the holidays!

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