Let's Learn About Fiber

Fiber is a substance that is in foods that our bodies cannot digest.  Therefore, fiber is eliminated from our body as waste.  There are two types of fiber in the diet--soluble and insoluble.  They are found in different types of foods and have different functions in the body.  Soluble fiber helps to lower blood cholesterol, which reduces the risk of heart disease.  It also helps to control the rise in blood sugar levels after eating.  Insoluble fiber helps to stay fuller for a longer period of time.  It also helps move things along in the digestive tract, decreasing constipation.  The recommended daily intake is 25-35g per day, depending on gender and age.  Please follow up with your physician and dietitian to see what types and amount of foods you should have daily.  Some high fiber foods include: pears, raspberries.  Moderate fiber foods include: apples, applesauce, broccoli, cauliflower, oatmeal, popcorn, strawberries.  Low fiber foods include: eggs, lettuce, white bread, white rice.

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