Planning For A Healthy and Happy Holiday Season


The key to getting through the holidays without any health problems

is to plan ahead!


The holiday season is here! Food has always been an important part of the holidays whether or not you are living with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Due to the abundance of food around the holiday season, it may be harder to meet nutritional needs if you have CKD. Families and caregivers can enjoy favorite holiday foods in kidney-friendly ways. Here are some strategies to help you manage your kidney diet over the holidays:


Start by making a plan to focus on your favorite foods.

Limit yourself to one small serving of a high potassium or high phosphorus food. Share a small portion of a hard to resist food with a family member.


If you’re hosting a family meal, plan ahead to ensure that you have a selection of kidney-friendly foods available to you.

It’s easier to stick to your diet when you have delicious kidney-friendly foods at hand! Put out bowls of low sodium crackers, unsalted corn chips or unsalted popcorn instead of potato chips or salted nuts. Make sure that a cookie tray or plate of desserts includes low potassium and low sodium options like lemon squares, shortbread, and sugar cookies. Bowls of fresh fruit like red and green grapes or apples are festive-looking and healthy options for everyone, especially those with diabetes. You might be surprised to find that others are looking for healthy options as well. When you’re the guest at a holiday function it can be a bit trickier to follow your kidney diet. If you can, bring along a dish or two that you know you’ll enjoy and choose only small portions of the items you’re not too sure about.


If you are hosting someone with kidney disease, don’t be afraid to ask in advance about diet restrictions.

Communication improves success. Guests with CKD can share their nutrition needs with their hosts. Hosts can share the menu with their guests ahead of time. Understand that your guest with CKD may not eat everything you serve. Ask your guest with CKD how you can support them in meeting their goals.


Healthy and Happy Holiday Tips:

  • Plan ahead
  • Keep food choices in balance
  • Portions matter
  • Know yourself
  • Discuss how you can be of support
  • Enjoy!

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