Protein Powders and Kidney Disease

Protein is definitely important to consume while on dialysis.  Eating more protein can help with preventing infections, maintaining muscle mass and it can also help improve albumin levels while on dialysis. You may find that you are tired of eating the same protein choices or just don't have an appetite.  Talk with your dietitian about protein powders and how they can be added to your diet.  It is important to find a protein powder that will meet your potassium and phosphorus needs.  You may still need to take a phosphorus binder when consuming your protein powder--ask your dietitian.  Once you ask your dietitian what protein powder might be best for you, try adding some protein powder to smoothies, Jell-O or in cookie recipes.  This is a great way to keep that protein hidden.  You may be able to taste the protein powder slightly, however, get creative in the kitchen.

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