Staying Motivated to Eat Healthy and Exercise


Happy 2019! It's a brand new year and many of you probably want to start off the new year with some health resolutions. How many of you have said you wanted to eat healthier and exercise more, only to find yourself back at square one within a few weeks or even days? Making change happen is not easy, but it can be done over time. Here are some tips to stay motivated with your food and fitness journey.


1. Set realistic goals (1-2 small changes at a time)

2. Go slow and be patient (change doesn’t happen overnight)

3. Expect setbacks (one unhealthy meal or missed workout won’t ruin all of your progress)

4. Reward yourself (set mini goals and reward yourself non-food related items, such as a massage, new workout clothes etc.)

5. Try new foods and/or workouts (keep it fun and interesting)

6. Buddy up (find a friend or family member to help keep you accountable)

7. Keep track of your activities (log, FitBit, pedometer)

8. Revise goals as needed

9. Think positive!  



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