Weight Loss Management

Weight Loss and Weight Loss Management isn’t easy. It takes work and understanding. I read an article today that reminded me how important it is to make sure that you need to be ready to actually make the decision to make a change in your life. With weight loss/management you can visit many dietitians, many physicians, join programs but it really makes a difference when a person decides “I am ready” because it will help make the lasting change.

I mentioned “understanding” earlier because I think we all have to know that weight loss/management also comes along with challenges. We might fall off the wagon, we might not lose as much weight as we planned or we might be too exhausted from a busy day that we don’t do as great of a job with our exercise. Knowing that we aren’t perfect is okay- but it’s also about picking yourself up and continuing to push forward. If we find ourselves making the same mistakes or not being energetic enough to do our exercise at the end of the day think about this…. “Well, how can I change this pattern?” think about… “What if I incorporated small exercises activities throughout the day” think about… “What about eating a snack before heading home so I won’t be starving by the time I get home”. All of these thoughts are ways to help us plan ahead and keep us on track. Do you need reminders? Plug them into your phone! Create a buddy system and tell a friend to give you a call or make sticky note and post it in your car. These small reminders will help you keep on track. Don’t give up! You can do it…. It’ll just take some practice.

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