Zippy's is a local favorite and as you may know, they recently created a diabetes-friendly menu.  Isn't that fantastic?  This new menu not only helps those with diabetes but it also helps those who may be wanting to choose a healthier option while dining out with friends and family.  Listed on the new diabetes-friendly menu you will find nutrition facts such as calories, total fat, total cars and protein listed for your convenience.

If you have been diagnosed with CKD/ESRD, some of the menu items may need to be substituted.  Remember to keep an eye on tomatoes, bananas and milk for potassium.  Also, if you are monitoring your phosphorus intake, you may want to ask for white rice/white toast instead of the brown rice/whole wheat toast.

Make sure to take your binders (if prescribed) and enjoy eating out with your family.

Want a few tips regarding the fast food section of Zippy's?  Some healthier options include the Chef salad, tuna salad, or just a plain burger with a tossed salad.  Remember, you can always speak to your dietitian about how you can incorporate your favorite meals within your diet.

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