Discontinuing Contact Policy

It is the policy of National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii (NKFH) to discontinue contacting any person upon that person’s written request directed to the organization or its agent.

Limitation: This policy does not prohibit contact by the NKFH that is solicited by a person or a person’s representative, even if the person or his/her representative have requested to be placed on the “do not contact list.” Contact by the NKFHH that is solicited by a person whose name appears on “do not contact” list shall be limited to providing a direct response to the person’s inquiry and shall not cause the person’s name to be removed from the “do not contact” list.

Procedure: Upon a person’s (or a person’s authorized representative’s) request that the NKFH discontinue further contacts, the person’s name and address will be promptly removed from the NKFH database or modified to ensure that no further contact is made with the person. The NKFH will also take steps to ensure that the person’s name is removed from any external databases or records under the NKFH’s control.

Permanent Record: The NKFH will maintain a record of all requests for discontinuance of contact, effective with the adoption of this policy by the NKFH’s Board of Directors. The records of persons who have made such a request will be maintained by the NKFH to the extent necessary for legal or liability purpose, and in keeping with the NKFH’s document retention policy