National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii Launches its Capital Campaign

National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii Launches its Capital Campaign

The State of Hawaii is in crisis.  There is an epidemic killing many of us--ravaging our communities.  The National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii, a 501(c)(3) organization, has worked tirelessly since 1988 to provide kidney screenings and education about kidney disease, as well as offer hope and support for those who are afflicted by chronic kidney disease (CKD).

A recent report from Johns Hopkins shows that one in three people are at risk of developing kidney disease in their lifetime.  In Hawaii, kidney failure is 30 percent higher than the national average.


The National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii's greatest challenge is that the majority of the community is unaware of this growing epidemic.  While Hawaii is often recognized as a health and wellness state, there has been a dramatic increase in kidney disease over the past decade.  This crisis cannot be ignored.  Truth be told, our state is not prepared to deal with this epidemic and the pending healthcare ramifications.  Time is critical and we must move swiftly to be able to make a significant difference.

To address this, our organization continues with our vision to provide early identification, public education, innovative research and advocacy relating to CKD.  Our dream is to help create a healthcare system that can meet the needs of the population.  Our dream is of healthy families.  Our dream is of a community resource that can make all this happen.  Our dream is of a permanent home that will allow us to provide better service to more people.  Creating this new facility is essential to meeting the health needs of Hawaii's people.  It's about changing and saving lives.


We believe we have the right outreach program in place to prevent a large percentage of the population from ever being afflicted with CKD.  Eradication through prevention! Direct communication, education and early screening is the key.  Armed with these essential tools, our community stands the best chance of fighting this disease.

The National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii is committed to eliminating kidney disease in our community.  There is much to be done, but we are ready for the challenge.  Building on our current strengths, we strive to fulfill unmet health needs of our citizens.

All we need now are the funds to create our central address in which to anchor our efforts.  We are humbly asking for your capital support in creating such an essential resource for our people.  No one should have to suffer from a disease that can, in many cases, be detected and treated early.

**We want to thank the Pacific Business News for their recent write-up on our Capital Campaign and helping us build awareness of the impacts of kidney disease on our Hawaii community.  To read more from Pacific Business News, click HERE

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