Healthy Keiki

A father and a mother with their two children in the kitchen cutting up vegetables.

Healthy Together

Healthy Together is a 10 week evidence-based program for children 6–13 years old at risk for obesity, overweight, or obese. The family-based obesity prevention program emphasizes three elements: healthy eating, reducing sedentary time, and behavior changes to elicit a positive, lifelong lifestyle transformation. The program includes a Family Information Session followed by 20 sessions delivered over 10 Weeks. The program, made up of groups of 4–10 keiki and their adults, creates a safe, fun, and active environment for keiki and their families to explore and adopt proven methods for living a healthier lifestyle. To qualify, a child must have a parent or guardian attend all sessions, have a BMI of greater than 85, receive clearance from a medical provider through a referral to participate in physical activity, and be age 6–13. If one member of your ohana qualifies, the siblings are eligible to participate as well.

Schedule: Year-round. Contact us for next availability.

Length: 20 Sessions over 10 weeks.

Eligibility: Open to keiki 6–13 years old with a BMI greater than 85, accompanied by a parent or guardian. Must receive clearance from a medical provider through a referral, to participate in physical activity.

Cost: No cost to participant.

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