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Various nuts scattered on the table.

Understanding the Renal Diet: Phosphorus and Calcium

"What should I eat?"  Renal dietitians get asked this all the time! This series ...
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A woman in the kitchen standing in front of an oven while stirring the pot.

What Can You Eat? How to “Kidney-fy” Your Recipes!

Have you ever bought a kidney cookbook and found that there is nothing in ...
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Three containers holding different types of grains with oatmeal scattered around the table.

The Lectin Controversy

You probably have seen articles and books on the health benefits of a lectin-free ...
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A bloated stomach.

Insulin Resistance and Kidney Disease

Have you ever been told you have prediabetes? One in three adults has prediabetes, ...
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A plated roasted chicken surrounded by vegetables.

A Kidney-Friendly Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to come together with family and friends to be grateful ...
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Two jack-o-lanterns surrounded by other Halloween decorations.

Halloween Tricks or Treats for Kidney Disease

If you have kidney disease, you can still enjoy many Halloween treats and candies, ...
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