Calabash Cookbook

The National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii is excited to present this local-style renal cookbook to our community. We began this project because we discovered a need for kidney patients in Hawaii to have recipe options that met appropriate dietary guidelines and fit our diverse local culture.

This could not have been created without a grant from the HMSA Foundation and the hard work of dedicated dietetic professionals, supportive organizations, kidney patients, their families, and volunteers from our community.

Calabash Cookbook truly reflects the diverse cultures and foods of Hawaii. We have included stories from individuals that are currently living with kidney disease. The stories demonstrate how others have made adjustments in their diet and lifestyle to continue to live happy and full lives.

We have also included useful nutritional information in the recipes. Each recipe contains serving suggestions and nutrient analyses. These guidelines are intended to be used in conjunction with regular visits with a dietition. Adjustments will need to be made to reflect changes in lab results.

There is a section on dining out hints to help readers follow a healthy kidney diet while enjoying a favorite restaurant. Remember to use what works for your lifestyle! Additional kidney resources have also been included in the cookbook.

We have a survey at the end of the book that we would appreciate you filling out. Please take a minute to tell us about your favorite recipe, how this cookbook has encouraged you to make healthier choices, and any recommendations, tear out the card, staple it shut and drop it in the mail.

We hope this cookbook helps you have healthier kidneys and healthier lives!

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Sample recipies from Calabash Cookbook For Kidney Health
  Entrees:  Frittata (baked omelet)   Entrees:  Garlic Shrimp with Linguine
  Salads:  Chinese Vegetable Salad   Desserts:  Cherry Cheese Cake Cups
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