Chronic Disease Prevention Programs

A group of people pointing at the camera.

Kidney Options for Patient Empowerment

For patients with late stage chronic kidney disease (stages 4-5), our KOPE class provides ...
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A woman holding holding her back in pain with an x-ray illustration of kidneys.

Kidney Stones

Each year, more than half a million people go to emergency rooms for kidney ...
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Kidney 101

The kidneys are vital organs to keep our bodies healthy! Learn how the kidneys ...
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Kidney Care

For patients with early stages of chronic kidney disease (stages 1-3), this class teaches ...
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Ask A Doc – Gout

During this free virtual session, you'll get to ask Dr. Barry Shibuya of TeleMed2U ...
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Knock Out Gout

Learn to identify and manage gout symptoms and triggers. Participants will connect virtually with ...
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