Kidney Cars Disclosure Statement

I have donated my vehicle to the National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii (NKFH). I release ownership with the understanding that the vehicle will be sold to raise funds to fight kidney disease in Hawaii.

My car is being donated free of any unpaid violations, fines or liens (including tow charges associated with the theft of my car) and will remain so prior to NKFH taking physical possession of it. If I am asking NKFH to tow my vehicle, I understand that the following conditions apply:

  • If my vehicle is cited or removed prior to NKFH’s tow, I understand that NKFH will not tow my vehicle until I pay all fees including a NKFH assessed Dry-Run Fee for Non-Pick Up.
  • I understand that if my vehicle is not accessible to the tow company on the agreed-upon dates and location, I must pay for the dry-run fee prior to having a second tow truck dispatched.
  • If my car is non-running and currently not drivable; the car MAY be required to have a minimum of four feet of clearance on all sides, be on pavement and have at least one end of the vehicle open for a tow truck to hook up.

I must also give NKFH a transferable, Hawaii State, non-defaced title. If I cannot produce a transferable title, NKFH may reject my donation.

In order to receive a tax benefit, I must itemize my taxes. I understand that if I have already depreciated the value of my vehicle or received an insurance settlement for its value, I may not qualify for a tax deduction. I hold harmless and agree not to pursue any legal action against NKFH, its board of directors or agents for any loss or liability that may be incurred as a result of my donation. NKFH reserves the final right to refuse the donation of any vehicle.

I understand that the maximum tax deduction I can receive without needing notification of the Gross Selling Price of my vehicle is $500. If the vehicle sells for more than $500, then I may claim the Gross Selling Price as the deduction. I also understand that if my vehicle sells for more than $500 and I wish to claim the Gross Selling Price that I will be required to provide the social security number of the primary donor for IRS tax reporting purposes. NKFH will provide notification of the tax deduction within 30 days of the sale. NKFH cannot guarantee any selling price for any vehicle. It may take up to 60 days or longer to sell your vehicle and for you to receive notification of your tax deduction.