Medical ID Jewelry

Note: Your medical ID jewelry model may vary. (Source: American Medical ID)
Choosing to use medical ID jewelry is an important decision to make for yourself and your loved ones. The National Kidney Foundation of Hawai‘i provides medical identification jewelry to dialysis and post-transplant patients living in Hawai‘i to promote personal health and safety. This jewelry is available as a bracelet or necklace in polished stainless steel. Please see your social worker to order jewelry.
Why do I need medical ID jewelry?
"In an emergency, communicating details of your medical conditions, medications, and allergies may be hindered by the severity of an injury you have sustained. First responders may have found you in an unresponsive or confused state.  A medical ID is a simple and effective way to communicate vital information to paramedics or EMTs. Medical IDs can speak for you in emergency situations where you could feel distressed, confused, or become unconscious, incapacitated, and unable to advocate for your own health.

Much like wearing a watch to tell the time, not wearing your medical ID when you know you have medical conditions, medications or allergies that others should know about can have serious consequences. An emergency can strike at any time, at any place, and you may not have loved ones around you to help. A medical ID fills this void, ensuring that you can live a peaceful life on your own freedom, while at the same time being protected with the knowledge you are wearing something that identifies you and your underlying conditions."

(Source: American Medical ID)

What can happen if I don't wear the jewelry?
It is crucial to wear a medical ID right after receiving a diagnosis for any chronic disease or illness. Not wearing a medical ID can lead to:
  • Misdiagnosis of symptoms
  • Delaying appropriate treatment & care
  • Exposure to medications & treatment that you may be allergic to, contraindicated for your current medications, or are harmful for your health condition
  • Complicate or increased severity of minor emergencies
  • Unnecessary hospital admissions
  • Miscommunication with responders, including law enforcement
What sizes are available?
Our standard sizes are 8" for bracelets and 30" for necklaces. Jewelry extension pricing varies. Please consult with your social worker for more information. 
Am I eligable for this opportunity?
Please contact your social worker for more information on how you can qualify. 
How do I order one?
Please see your social worker for more information.
You're making the right decision.
We understand that getting medical ID jewelry can feel stressful and the discussion may even raise many questions for you and your loved ones. Taking a stand in your personal health and safety is a priority. Please see your social worker on how you can receive a medical ID jewelry from the National Kidney Foundation of Hawai‘i today. 

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